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IMAGINE Live & Acoustic CD (Free Shipping)

Our first full length worship album is here! Featuring all your favorite songs from “These Walls” to “Wake Up Sleeper” to “Yes I Believe”. After being told he might not live to see his next birthday, Jason David & I Am Untitled released this special project on his birthday. It’s a beautiful collection of heart-felt worships songs featuring only piano, violin & voices.

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THESE WALLS CD (Free Shipping)

After losing most of his tongue to cancer, Jason David was told he would never sing again. These Walls is a song he wrote and sang after beating cancer. It is a beautiful and inspiring anthem of faith and perseverance!

This CD was produced after a live recording of Jason's song "These Walls" went viral on Facebook, reaching over 5 million viewers! This special CD features acoustic, studio, and live versions of "These Walls" as well as in depth interview with Jason David where he shares his incredible and miraculous story. It's 45 minutes of encouraging music & story!

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I AM UNTITLED is the name of our student ministry and worship band, a ministry of Bonita Valley Community Church!

These Walls CD

These Walls is now available on iTunes! The CD features studio, live and acoustic versions as well as an in depth interview... 45 minutes of encouraging music & story!

Worship Album Fundraiser

We are working on a full length worship album featuring "These Walls" and other original worship songs we've written. To donate, click below:

"These Walls" Lyrics & Chords

Download free chords, lyrics, instrumentals and click tracks for "These Walls." This song has reached over 5 million people and is being sung in over 25 countries in multiple languages!

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